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Fully Automatic Blowing Molding Machine

This series adopts servo motor drive mode, running stability, energy-saving, simple operation, low maintenance, can directly connect the filling machine, is the ideal choice of large and medium-sized enterprises

The first-class air source control system ensures the uniform and consistent airflow and rapid reaction and provides the quality and uniformity of products.·

Advanced high-pressure clamping and bottle blowing mechanism, stable and reliable operation, small vibration, suitable for different bottle type requirements.

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ITEM 項目 unit HZ-3000A-6SR
NO.of cav 模腔 Cavity 6
Theoritical output 理論產量 Pcs/h 7000
MAX container volume 瓶子最大容量 L 1.5
MAX neck diameter 瓶口最大直徑 mm 32
MAX container diameter 瓶身最大直徑 mm 115
MAX container height 瓶身最大高度 mm 320
Heating power 加熱功率 KW 60
Operating low pressuer 動作壓力 Mpa 0.8
Blowing pressuer 吹瓶壓力 Mpa 3.5
Machine dimension 主機外形 M 5.3 × 1.9 × 2.7
Machine weight 主機重量 Kg 6000
Conveyor dimension(LxWxH) 上料機外形 M 2.55 × 1.5 × 2.6
Conveyor weight 上料機重量 Kg 500

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