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5-Gallon Automatic Blowing Molding Machine

● Suitable for 3 gallon,5 gallon wide-mouth dispenser tank.

● Saving the investment on the ordering-bottle machine. Adopting high technology mincro PLC controller. Ensure the machine working properlyand stable.

●Preheater use single unit rotation heating design, preform heating center distance smaller, heating speed more faster, compare to old design with double unit rotation heating design. Electricity save 30%.

●Special mould locking system enables enables faster mould locking while saves the air source a lot.

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Model NO unit HZ-120
No.of cav Cavity 1
Theoritical output Pcs/h 100-120
Max container volume L 25
Max neck diameter mm 55
Max container diameter mm 290
Max container height mm 490
Heating power KW 200
Operating low pressuer Mpa 0.8
Blowing pressuer Mpa 3.5
Machine dimension(L*W*H) M 5.0 × 2.1 × 3.2
Machine weight Kg 6500

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